neotis history
2013년 연혁
  • Dec. Acquirement of the Grand Prize at Mechanical Element Sector of the 43th Korea Precision Industrial Technique Competition
  • Oct. Receive the $10million Export Tower(KITA)
2012년 연혁
  • Aug. Completion of Company Housing
  • Jul. Extend of Shaft Production Capability(32Million pcs/Year)
  • Jun. Development of Hollow Worm Shaft of Browse, Germany
2011년 연혁
  • Jun. Conclusion of Supply Contract for Worm Shaft with MITSUBA Corporation
  • Jun. Conclusion of Supply Contract for Worm Shaft with BOSCH Auto. Products Co.
  • Jan. Commencing the Production of Hollow-Worm Shaft
2009년 연혁
  • Nov. Chosen as the 2009 KRX Hidden Champion (Korea Exchange).
  • Sep. Inauguration of CEO, Mr. Eun-young Kwon
  • May. Chosen as the Sponsored Corporation for SMBA Innovative Research Program (Technical Innovation-Leading Project)
  • Apr. Chosen as one of 33 Hidden Champions (Economist and SMBA Technical Innovation)
2008년 연혁
  • Apr. Acquisition of venture firm status
2007년 연혁
  • Oct. Become Listed Company of KOSDAQ
  • Jul. Approval for Preliminary Judging of KOSDAQ Market Headquarters (Korea Securities and Futures Exchange)
  • Jul. Chosen as Technology Fast 50 Korea 2007 (Deloitte Anjin Accounting Firm, Korea Credit Information Company, Digital Times)
  • Jul. Selected as the Parts-Specialized Company ( Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • Jan. Attraction of Foreign Investment of 7360 million won (SAIF ll, Maita)
2006년 연혁
  • Dec. Certified Neotis Research Center by KOITA
  • Dec. Changed the CEO (from In Ho-jin to Shin Sang-cheol)
  • Nov. Won USD 5 million export tower award (from KOTRA)
  • Oct. Won the prize of Anseong enterprise management
    (by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy)
  • Oct. Completely localized a step grinding machine
  • Sep. Built a new plant in Dugyo-ri Juksan-myeon
    (Land: 9,679.6㎡ Total Floor Space: 8,809.7㎡)
  • Jul. Selected as world class firm (Small Business Corporation)
  • Apr. Invited KRW 3 billion from Saehan Venture Investment Corp.
  • Apr. Changed the major shareholder (from In Ho-jin to Solid Tech)
  • Jan. Started to export cutting and processing machines
2005년 연혁
  • Aug. Completely developed other cutting and processing machines such as whirling machine
  • Jul. Merged its subsidiary Won Tech (on July 1, 2005)
  • May. Certified as venture firm (new technology developing firm)
  • Mar. Obtained a patent (on a closed router bit)
2004년 연혁
  • Dec. Obtained TS16949 Certification (MOTOR SHAFT)
  • Jan. Acquired BM an auto part manufacturing firm BM Tech
    (acquired the business with total liabilities)
2003년 연혁
  • Jun. Took over Won Tech and incorporated as 100% subsidiary
  • Mar. Invited KRW 600 million from MVP Incubating Investment No. 1
2002년 연혁
  • Dec. Selected the router bit as world-class product (by MOCIE)
  • Nov. Designated as specialized firm for skilled industrial personnel by the Military Manpower Administration
  • Oct. Designated as good medium and small business by Korea Development Bank
  • May. Obtained ISO9001 Certification
2001년 연혁
  • Nov. Improved the mass-production line for micro bits
  • Apr. Set up the production line for micro bits
  • Mar. Established a plant at Deoksan Industrial Complex in Samjuk-myeon Anseong
    (Land: 4,000㎡, Total Floor Space: 3,500㎡)
2000년 연혁
  • Aug. Founded Neo Technical System Co., Ltd. (with capital of KRW 1 billion)